Advertising Research


Advertising Research

Advertising campaigns have some goals and it is necessary to measure the extent to which these goals are achieved. Advertising Research is research that measures the effectiveness of advertisements published in various media in line with the campaign. They are done before and after publication, including pre-test and post-test.

. Pre-test (Pre-release) Studies These are the studies that allow us to evaluate the stroyboard or animatically designed advertisement before it goes live, based on various variables, and determine the aspects of the advertisement to be developed.

Post test (Post Publication) Studies carried out after the advertisement is published in the media. Its purpose is to measure the effectiveness of the advertisement, whether the advertisement reaches the target audience, and the success of the advertisement in terms of various variables.

In general, the "remember rate" of the advertisement, "whether its message is perceived by the target audience", "the level of information about the product features", "whether it is persuasive", "whether it is liked", "how it affects the purchasing tendency of consumers" and similar issues are determined. .

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