Customer and Dealer Satisfaction Research


Customer and Dealer Satisfaction Research

According to the results of the research, only 3% of dissatisfied customers and dealers convey their complaints to institutions. Therefore, the absence of customer complaints will not be an indication of high customer satisfaction.

In our customer and dealer satisfaction research, we compare the long-term tendency of your customers/dealers to work with your organization and your competitors with indices that we can measure rationally and emotionally.

With action analysis, we identify the processes in which you are strong and need urgent action, and the impact of critical performance indicators in each process.

With Segmentation Analysis, we determine your Dependent, Open to Alternatives, Loss and Supporter customer rates and offer the opportunity to examine them in depth.

With our customer satisfaction and loyalty research model, we determine your Product Development Opportunities, Actions to be Taken for Satisfaction, Strategies that can be developed from your Image Perception, Strategies You Can Create for Competitors and Market Conditions, and we enable you to take the necessary actions.

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