Dealer/Sales Channel Efficiency Research


Dealer/Sales Channel Efficiency Research

Dealer/Sales Channel Efficiency Research is carried out in order to determine the sales behaviors and motivations of your brand and the channels that can sell your rival brands, so that they can work more efficiently on behalf of your brand.

9 different advanced analytical and sophisticated analysis models that offer Vera-branded strategic information are applied to our data obtained as a result of the research. As an example, some of our analysis models are described.

Marking Analysis; It enables you to determine the competitors with which your Sales Channels work with your brand in primary and secondary intensity, and the level of importance of these competitors in competition, and to develop competitive actions.

Selection Models Analysis; Thanks to this analysis, you can determine your optimum price and discount strategies according to your brand value and apply dynamic changes according to the competitive environment.

Segmentation Analysis; It allows you to examine your Sales Channels on the axis of wallet share and loyalty with both attitudinal and behavioral data and take the necessary actions.

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