Mystery Shopper and Audit Research


Mystery Shopper and Audit Research

Along with the almost standard functional features or benefits of products and services, it is necessary to focus on, develop and improve the customer's experiences at your touch points. One of the most basic ways to achieve this is mystery shopper and audit research, which is a measurement,control and improvement tool.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty are ensured by the continuity of good service, and the continuity of good service is ensured by auditing.

Studies show that measuring performance alone increases productivity, quality and customer satisfaction.

Mystery Shopping Research is the process of measuring the shopping or service process experienced by real or potential customers, who have received prior training, without deciphering themselves, by adhering to a predetermined evaluation form. Control Survey, on the other hand, is a measurement, audit and improvement tool that is carried out unannounced on the day and date of the audit, despite the knowledge of the audit that the auditor will carry out in the relevant time period.

For each contact point, first of all, contact point-specific performance scorecards are created, where the data obtained from the evaluation form is expressed with an index out of 100, and the statistical results and personal opinions.

In addition to reports containing statistical results in which the data from all visited points are evaluated on a holistic, branch, province and regional basis within the scope of main and sub-criteria, the scores are ranked from largest to smallest according to the breakdowns taken as a basis, etc. many more reports are produced.

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