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Vera Research and Analytical Consultancy Services Trading Joint Stock Company


It is a Research and Technology Company established in 2010 to produce, manage and analyze data. With the innovative approaches and technologies it has developed, it offers its solution partners data-based strategic information to better understand its target audience, region, market and employees. With its intellectual capital and expert research staff from different disciplines (Statistician, Sociologist, Psychologist, City Planner, Electronics Engineer, Computer Engineer, Map Engineer), it can meet all the data-based needs of its customers.

When you put data generation, management and analysis at the center of your business, the way you do business and the most important quality that defines you should be accuracy and reliability. That's why we started our working life by choosing VERA, a popular name used in many countries of the world (USA, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, etc.) for accuracy and reliability.

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