Academic Research


Academic Research

We provide data collection, analysis and tabulation services in scientific studies conducted by our University Faculty members working in the fields of Health, Social, Economic and Administrative Sciences with quantitative and qualitative data collection techniques such as surveys, in-depth interviews, focus group meetings, Neuro tests in academic research supported by TUBITAK and similar. Within the scope of this service, the experience of working with almost all the important universities of Turkey has been gained. In data analysis, Vera staff is an experienced team in all analysis techniques mentioned below.

Reliability Analysis

Hypothesis Tests

Chi-Square Tests

Factor Analysis (Explanatory, Confirmatory)

Clustering Analysis

Discriminant Analysis

Linear Regression Analyzes

Probit and Ridge Regression Analysis

Logistic Regression Analysis (Binary, Ordinal and Multinaominal)

COX Regression Analysis

Structural Equation Modeling

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