Brand Perception and Market Dynamics


Brand Perception and Market Dynamics

. It is the research we carry out in order to understand the dynamics of the market you are in, to increase your brand value before your end customers and to expand your market share. Within the scope of the research, firstly, some descriptive scores such as brand awareness rates, target audience's perceptions of various functional features of brands are given. Then, 13 different sophisticated analyzes from Vera brand, which are mentioned with some examples below, are performed and the research results are presented.

Phenomenological Analysis; Individual experiences form the basis of the phenomenological approach. In this context, the personal (subjective) experiences of the individuals in the target audience will be dealt with, the perceptions of the individual and the meanings they attribute to the events will be evaluated. It will be ensured that the data are conceptualized and the main themes that can define the phenomenon are revealed.

Competition analysis; It allows you to analyze the competition in your market and your position in this competition in terms of wallet and heart share.

Sales Force Analysis; It is an analysis that evaluates your preferability rate in the market and your current market share together.

Wallet Share Analysis; This Vera-branded analysis method is a sophisticated analysis method that presents the improvements you can make in the product and service attributes that determine your brand’s wallet share, and the effects of these improvements on your wallet share by producing simulations.

Impact Analysis; As a Vera-branded analysis method, it is a sophisticated analysis method in which the effect of each criterion that is thought to affect brand preference is tested and evaluated with two different advanced analytical methods.

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