Social Structure Analysis


Social Structure Analysis

There are quite different approaches in the literature on the definition, components and analysis of social structure. If we consider the structure as the whole of the system and parts that make up a whole, we can define the social structure as the whole of the systems and dimensions that make up the society. We carry out our Social Structure Analysis on 10 different dimensions that we think constitute the social structure. We analyze our data, which we collect with primary and secondary data sources, with qualitative and quantitative analysis methods, create social action plans and risk maps, and develop physical and social development indexes.

Chapter 1: Demographics and Migration

Chapter 2: Family Structure and Relationships

Chapter 3: Social Environment and Cultural Life

Chapter 4: Economic Situation and Working Life

Chapter 5: Health

Chapter 6: Education

Chapter 7: Security and Crime Fact

Chapter 8: Transportation and Accessibility

Chapter 9: Housing and Physical Environment

Chapter 10: Personal Life Satisfaction

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