Taste Test


Taste Test

The most important way to create the most preferred and admired products is to have the product tasted and tested by a group representing the target audience. Penalty values in the taste tests we perform as Vera are given together with their confidence intervals and statistical significance. In this way, you will not leave it to chance on which quality you need to improve. In addition, the most liked product is determined by the cognitive responses of the brain without asking any questions. Therefore, you control the likes scores with two different approaches and you will not leave your business to chance.

Bootstrap Penalty Analysis;

Bootstrap is used to find the standard error and confidence intervals of the parameter values obtained through a sample by resampling thousands of times. The simulations of the data you obtained from your test group on the basis of different subgroups allow you to test the statistical significance of the penalty values you obtained and to determine the 95% confidence intervals. In this way, you can determine whether the penalty value found is a reliable and statistically significant value.

Neuro-Test; Event-related potential and priming test

  • The components of attention motivated by the phenomenon of approaching/withdrawing from the product containing the taste of the consumer are examined. The approach/withdrawal phenomenon is a phenomenon related to the decision to continue consuming a product. The flavors that create a high approach reaction are the more liked and re-preferred flavors.
  • Motivational attention is a component that examines the different reactions of our brain to the object when an object and a sensation are matched, when the sensations change. More noticeable tastes show higher object-related activation in this sense.

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